Beverley Open Art Exhibition & "The Cemetery by the Sea" by Paul Valery (1871-1945)

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2022

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My painting of York University will appear in Beverley Art Gallery's Open Art Exhibition from 24 September 2022 to 7 January 2223.

Central Hall, University of York,91cm x 107cm. Oil on canvas. 2020

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This peaceful roof, its tombs in long buckled lines:
as noon performs its daily alchemy,
doves flicker up from stones through tall blue pines.
And I am here. All this now glows for me:
the sea, the sea, once more transformed by fire;
a moment’s calm, beyond small wants, desire.

This is how my version of Paul Valery's longish poem "Le Cimetière Marin", recently feratured in the Tupelo Quarterly, begins.

The poem is part of ny collection French Leave: versions and perversions which will appear from Broken Sleep Books in 2023.

For the full version clink on the link:

from French Leave: versions and perversions - by Cliff Forshaw - Tupelo Quarterl

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