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The Hull Print Collective is an evolving group of printmakers which meets weekly at Hull College to exchange ideas, offer advice and use the facilities to print and make final work. The Collective organises several exhibitions a year. See the website for upcoming events. Cliff has recently joined Hull Print Collective and some of his prints appear on the website.
Online version of The Common literary journal (Amherst USA) which has featured Cliff's work many times. Included here are: Hole(a satirical poem in three cantos based on Dante's Inferno; Elemental (sequence of eleven elegies for Cliff's mother); and translations /versions from Baudelaire, Corbiere and Apollinaire.
Cliff's satirical poem Hole in three cantos: Philip Larkin meets Dante.
Website featuring examples of many poets' work. Includes some of Cliff's poems from Pilgrim Tongues and Vandemonian.
Website for work from the Borsec Artists' Residency, Transylvania, Romania. Includes Spa, a sequence of ten sonnets that were also published in the anthology Inside Zone (Zidul de Hartie, Suceava, Romania 2013, 2015) and eventually became the Hotel Transylvania sequence in Pilgrim Tongues.
Radio programme on the Tasmanian Tiger featuring Cliff's poems. Broadcast 16 September 2013.
Arc publishes contemporary poetry from new and established writers from the UK and abroad, specialising in the work of international poets writing in English and the work of overseas poets in translation. Published Vandemonian.
Independent press. Published Cliff's Satyr. Publisher John Lucas.
Independent publisher based in Hull. Published Pilgrim Tongues.
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